Monday, November 01, 2004

You ever get the feeling you're being conned?

Thomas Lipscomb in the NY Sun explores the mysterious case of John Kerry's discharge from Navy service and the cover-up of exactly what kind of discharge he actually got. Based on all available evidence, it was less than honorable.

Follow the link for the details, but my favorite part is:
One of Mr. Kerry's first acts of office as he entered the Senate on January 3, 1985, was making sure what was still in the Navy files. A report was returned to Mr. Kerry by a Navy JAG on January 25, 1985, and appears on the Kerry Web site. There is an enclosure listed that may have contained a list of files, according to David Myers, the JAG who prepared it, that is not on Mr. Kerry's Web site. It could have provided an index for all of Mr. Kerry's Navy files.
That Lurch is sure a tidy fellow! Always checking to make sure everything has gone down the memory hole.

Capt. Ed has more including:
With a day to go before the election, Kerry managed to skate by without releasing his complete service records, even admitting it on NBC before NBC decided to "sanitize" the records and remove the admission from its interview with Kerry. It follows a pattern of complicity in the mainstream media to cover up John Kerry's even while hypocritically demanding transparency on George Bush's honorable discharge, received normally and on time for his service.
Gosh, I'm astounded at the mainstream media not questioning ole Lurch! As far as Lurch's admission, I mentioned it at the time, and Silent Running describes its strange disappearance from the official transcript. (Hat tip to LGF where the disappearance was first noted.)

What do Lurch and his media enablers have to hide? Plenty, apparently.