Monday, January 21, 2008

It's a Hillary Clinton Panderfest!

So Hillary Clinton managed to scrape out a caucus vote win in Nevada by pandering to illegal aliens. No wonder Hillary supports importing new Democrat voters from Mexico. Want to bet that they aren't also voting illegally in the general election? Neither do I.

Anyhow, another day another pander for the Clintons and Hillary showed up yesterday at the Abyssinian Baptist Church in Harlem to butter up some of the Democrat party's "traditional clients." Unfortunately for her, the natives were restless:

Sen Clinton then waded into the crowd to deliver coffee to supporters who’d been waiting in the cold nearly an hour longer than her schedulers had originally anticipated — but ran into a group of heated Obama supporters, who’d been outside waving signs and chanting for their candidate. Let’s just say they weren’t interested in a cup of Joe.

“We don’t want your coffee,” one said. “Stay out of Harlem.” As the chants of “be a part of something great, Obama ‘08″ continued, the man commanded Clinton to stop trying to “steal the black vote.”

Golly, I guess they just haven't gotten Hillary's message!

Hillary Clinton panders to Black voters