Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Obamacare: not just a fraud

Michael Graham at the Boston Herald has a pithy summary of Obamacare:

I have never seen a political moment as brutally repugnant as the week leading up to the vote. It began with the abandonment of reason. Obama and his allies made statements that were so clearly and demonstrably false that if he weren’t the president I’d call him a liar. Let’s just say he went full-on Clinton for Obamacare.

Obama knows he’s counting Medicare cuts twice. He knows preventative care drives costs up, not down. He knows premiums will rise, taxes are going higher and the availability of doctors is going to shrink. Yet he fixes us with an “I did not have sex with that woman” glare and says the opposite.

Then came the shameless politics. The executive order that “solved” the abortion issues is a joke. A House whip admitted on TV that the president couldn’t bind Congress this way. Before that, Rep. Alcee Hastings - so corrupt he was forced off the federal bench before going to Congress - admitted the Democrats were “making the rules up as we go along.”

But my outrage-ometer pinged loudest when Nancy Pelosi and top Democrats walked among the protesters, gavel in hand, as they headed to cast a vote that 60 percent of Americans opposed. Why take that walk? Why not use the tunnel Pelosi usually favors?

In part to provoke a hot-headed protester to say something stupid that MSNBC could use to smear the entire crowd. But Pelosi and Co. also had a message to send to the majority who oppose them: Eat cake.

“We’re not afraid of you,” the O-bots were saying. “Because we’ve got all the power.”

I suggest they enjoy it while they can. The rest of us will be having our own little parade in November, down to the nearest ballot box.

Memo to Congress: If you voted for Obamacare, don't even bother coming home.