Saturday, June 10, 2006

Today's Hoot!

Potfry stuns with Illegal American Immigrants Protest in Mexico:
Inspired by the large scale immigration protests in the United States, all 13 illegal American immigrants in Mexico marched on Mexico City yesterday, demanding that they be granted citizenship, that their contributions to Mexican society be recognized, and that locals stop calling them “those silly gringos.”

Carrying signs that said, “I’m not sure how I got here but I want to stay”, “Gringos are Here- Deal With It,” and “Have you seen my Passport?” the 13 illegal immigrants marched in single file through downtown Mexico City, chanting, “No tacos, no peace.”

John Murtha, the sleazoid who would be majority leader

Sleazy John Murtha wants to be majority leader

Story here and a brief history of Sleazy John here. Kids, can you say "so low that ants piss on him"? I knew you could!

Friday, June 09, 2006

It's been a long dry spell

Powerline amuses with Return of the Nude Protest:
A few years ago there was a worldwide epidemic of nude protests. Those with strong feelings about everything from war to fox-hunting experienced an unaccountable urge to disrobe so as to call attention to their favorite cause. I guess that was the idea. Anyway, in our scruffier early days we enjoyed covering and commenting on such protests.
We're still scruffy here at the Store, although we can't help but wish for a higher physical standard amongst the nude moonbats.
For a while they seemed to die out. But now, we are about to experience the Return of the Naked Protest...
Hit the link for more, but it features nude bicycle riders protesting international oil consumption as told to a journal called "Redeye." Hmm, that reminds me - I wonder if the bike riders believe in seats? Don't get anything important caught in the spokes, kids!

Today's Hoot!

John Murtha looking for the sheik

Scrappleface - Democrats Vow to Fight On After Zarqawi Loss:
As Blackberry devices and cell phones on Capitol Hill hummed with news of the death of terrorist leader Abu Musab al-Zarqawi yesterday, Congressional Democrats vowed that despite the loss they would fight on in “the war on the war on terror.”

“Zarqawi will be missed because he put a human face on the futility of the illegal U.S. occupation of Iraq,” said one unnamed lawmaker, who assured a reporter that “Democrats are still optimistic. We’re still looking for the silver lining.”

Rep. John Murtha, D-PA, a former Marine and vocal critic of the military occupation of Iraq, immediately denounced “the Zarqawi massacre” and suggested that the F-16 pilot who dropped the bombs had snapped under pressure and murdered the al Qaeda leader “in cold blood.”
Never forget that the wingnuts in charge of the Democrat party support the troops. Just don't ask 'em which troops.

Ya gotta love it!

Counterterrorism Blog:
In fact, a few hours ago, while an Al Jazeera journalist was interviewing Abu Kadama, Zarqawi's brother-in-law in Zarqa, Jordan, the broadcast was suddenly interrupted, most probably by Jordan. Because when the journalist came back on the air, he said that Abu Kadama had just been arrested by Jordanian services. Then a second sudden interruption occured, and when the Al Jazeera anchor appeared, he announced that his journalist colleague had also been arrested by Jordan.
Don't forget the terrorists employed by the AP or al-Reuters! Not to mention the enablers.

Thursday, June 08, 2006

They don't get any smarter, do they?

Dog Feces Left at Congresswoman's Office:
Republican U.S. Rep. Marilyn Musgrave's re-election campaign was already heated, and it just got smelly as well: Her staff accused a Democratic activist Thursday of leaving an envelope full of dog feces at Musgrave's Greeley office.

Musgrave spokeswoman Shaun Kenney said someone stuffed the envelope through the mail slot in the door on May 31 and then sped away in a car.
Par for the course when dealing with "the party of the people", but wait, there's more!
Kenney said most of the preprinted return address was blacked out, but staffers used the nine-digit ZIP code to trace it to Kathleen Ensz, a Weld County Democratic volunteer.

Ensz told The Associated Press she left the envelope at Musgrave's office but said it "wasn't in the office doors, it was in the foyer." Asked what she meant by the act, she declined comment.
It turns out Kathleen is "vice chairwoman of a state Senate district committee for the county Democratic Party." Apparently having an IQ that doesn't challenge room temperature with the air conditioning on is no impediment, but then that's the way it's been ever since the wingnuts took over the party.

Another grease spot on the highway of life

He blowed up real good!

Video of al-Zarqawi earning his 72 raisins.

Congressman Jack Kingston (via RWN):
One of the most brutal, heinous, and horrendous terrorists was killed last night when the U.S. Armed Forces delivered 500-pounds of justice to Iraq’s ‘Prince of Al-Qaeda’ on behalf of Nicholas Berg, Jack Armstrong, Ken Bigley, Jack Hensley and the thousands of others who were beheaded, tortured, and killed by Al-Zarqawi and his henchmen.
Actually, it was a double tap, so he got 1,000 pounds of justice.

Today's Hoot!

"Now he'll be a martyr." We're supposed to kill all our enemies except Muslims, because Muslims become martyrs. And martyrs have super powers. I guess. Personally, I think we should make all of our enemies martyrs. Seems to work real well.

You can run, but you'll only die tired

B1 Bomber

Seems that Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, the head al Quaeda terrorist in Iraq, had a job related accident:
Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, the leader of al-Qaeda in Iraq and the driving force behind the foreign insurgency in Iraq, died in an air strike at a safe house while holding a meeting with his lieutenants. The announcement from Iraqi PM Nuri al-Maliki came early this morning, and subsequent reports detail the identification through scars and fingerprints.
Couldn't happen to a nicer guy.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Bloated, arrogant United Nations bureaucrat alert!

Mark Malloch Brown bites the hand that feeds him

I know, what other kind of UN bureaucrat is there? But get this: Kofi Annan promoted Mark Malloch Brown to Chef De Cabinet (i.e. head butt boy) after some of Kofi's other close chums (and relatives) got caught with their hands in Saddam's cookie jar. Brown was apparently supposed to clean things up at HQ, but I guess he thinks he's all finished shoveling out the feedlot, since he's got time to bite the hand that feeds him:
The United States demanded Wednesday that U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan repudiate a speech in which his No. 2 official broke with tradition and accused the United States of undermining the United Nations.
In the speech, delivered Tuesday, Malloch Brown said that the United States relies on the United Nations as a diplomatic tool but does not defend it before critics at home, a policy he called unsustainable.

He lamented that the good works of the U.N. are largely lost because "much of the public discourse that reaches the U.S heartland has been largely abandoned to its loudest detractors such as Rush Limbaugh and Fox News." The speech was delivered at a daylong conference sponsored by two think tanks, the Center for American Progress and The Century Foundation.

It was a rare instance of a senior U.N. official directly and openly criticizing a member state. An unwritten U.N. rule says that high-ranking officials do not name names or shame nations, even among current and former colleagues.

Yet Malloch Brown and even Annan have done it a few times in the past. Last year, with the U.N. under intense criticism over the Iraq oil-for-food program, Annan claimed that U.N. opponents had been "relentless," and the world body wasn't fighting back enough.
Better get back to shoveling, Mark - the United Nations already gets more respect than it deserves based on its record of fraud, crime, and incompetence. I also wonder who was footing the bill for ole Mark to attend this fun fest with George Soros' flying monkeys at the Center for American Progress, but not too much - I'm sure it was those benighted Middle Americans in the heartland. There's some good news though, US UN ambassador John Bolton is administering the spanking.

A chip off the old blockhead

Ted Kennedy teaches Patches to drive

Howard Kurtz shocked us all last month with an unkind word or two about Teddy Kennedy's little boy, Patches:
It's hard to imagine that Patrick Kennedy would have gotten elected to Congress a dozen years ago without his last name.

It's equally hard to imagine that the media would be going wild about his late-night car crash and prescription drug addiction if he weren't a Kennedy.

The only lingering mystery is why national news organizations didn't pounce earlier on the Rhode Island Democrat's long history of alcohol and drug abuse, depression and a series of downright embarrassing incidents.

The answer in large measure is that Kennedy hasn't been a very important House member.
But he's a wingnut favorite just like dear old Dad. There was some some good news for the Republic over the Memorial Day weekend though - 'Kennedy Sobriety Checkpoint' Big Success:
Today, a non-profit group, Public Advocate, announced their "Kennedy Sobriety Checkpoint" has been a success. Checkpoints on Capitol Hill in Washington to protect citizens against Senator Edward "Ted" Kennedy (D-Ma.) or Congressman Patrick Kennedy (D-R.I.) resulted in no impaired drivers named Congressman or Senator Kennedy being stopped this weekend.
Volunteers wear bright orange or yellow vests, yellow construction hats, and carry traffic cones, and traffic directional signs (stop, slow down, go) and posters that identify them as the "Kennedy Sobriety Checkpoint" and with a message that states "If your name is Kennedy, Get out of the Car."
They should add "With your hands up."

All of which brings us to the latest in the Patches saga - Treat me like I'm black, sez Teddy's son:
Fresh from rehab, Rep. Patrick Kennedy said yesterday he wants to be treated like an African-American from Washington if and when he gets charged for crashing his car on Capitol Hill.

Denying that he was drunk and or that he asked the Capitol Police for preferential treatment, Kennedy, a Rhode Island congressman, said he's prepared "in terms of bookings, in terms of mug shots, fingerprints, whatever they might have me do."
None of which have been done yet?
It's still not clear whether Kennedy will be called to account for smashing his Ford Mustang into a barrier near the Capitol building at 2:45 a.m. on May 4. He was driving without headlights and nearly collided with a police cruiser.

"The attorney general is still reviewing the events of that night," said Traci Hughes, a spokeswoman for the D.C. attorney general's office. "I can assure you that if any charges are brought in this case, he will be treated the same as anyone else in similar circumstances."

The son of Sen. Ted Kennedy (D-Mass.) was given a ride home after the wreck by Capitol Police and charged with three minor traffic violations. But he wasn't given a sobriety test, angering some police who complained he was getting kid-glove treatment.
Offhand, I would say he was being treated like an African-American from DC - Vernon Jordan.

Photo credit: FormerACLUMember

I guess Francine couldn't find enough illegal aliens

Francine Busby getting out the vote

Republican wins bellwether House race although the AP couldn't resist calling a more than 4% margin, "narrowly beat." Heck, Bilbray kicked Busby's ample behind and would have done so by nearly 10 points if there hadn't been a separate anti-illegals candidate.

Photo credit: Norm's Revenge.

Good in so many ways

In Raligh, North Carolina - Construction workers plead guilty to illegal entry:
Six men arrested last month at Carter-Finley Stadium have pleaded guilty to immigration charges and are slated for deportation, according to federal officials.

Authorities arrested seven construction workers on May 23 at North Carolina State's football stadium, where they had gone to search for a fugitive.

An estimated 50 to 70 workers ran from Carter-Finley Stadium after immigration officers and two state Highway Patrol troopers arrived, according to the Raleigh office of the U.S. Office of Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

The Highway Patrol had asked immigration agents to help them in their search for a driver suspected of causing an accident that tangled traffic on Interstate 40 earlier that day near the Wake-Durham county line.

Hours after the stadium arrests, the suspect in the wreck was arrested in Durham and detained for immigration violations, Highway Patrol officials said. Reynalda Guitierres, 28, was charged with illegal entry.
Wait until the bleeding hearts get on this one. North Carolina is still paying for its years of lax standards for granting driver's licenses. Not only do they have an incredible number of illegal aliens, but also a lot of folks not overly familiar with the operation of internal combustion powered vehicles.

Monday, June 05, 2006

Lurch hasn't gotten any smarter, has he?

John Kerry smile

John Kerry: Bush A Criminal, Looting Country:
Failed presidential candidate John Kerry blasted President Bush on Thursday as a "criminal" who has been "looting the country."
Zzzz. As opposed to looting Teresa's trust funds, I suppose, but tell me more.
The Massachusetts Democrat offered the incendiary comments during an off the record meeting with liberal bloggers after a speech in Los Angeles to the Pacific Council on International Policy.

According to the Web site L.A. Observed, Kerry asked the bloggers to keep his comments confidential; a request they apparently dismissed out of hand without telling him.
Snort. Lay down with dogs, get up with fleas. Lay down with leftoid moonbat bloggers and get up with an STD.
Blogger "Hollywood Liberal" reports that Kerry "agreed completely with someone's assessment that everything that Bush does is solely for the purpose of looting the country."

"[Kerry] basically said that Bush and his cohorts are criminals" the blogger continued. "At some other point he referred to Supreme Court Justices Alito, Scalia, and Roberts as 'Idiots.'"

With an eye on 2008, Kerry has been courting the blog community, which helped make Howard Dean the early Democratic presidential frontrunner in 2004.
I'm surprised he didn't give them all hummers. And I don't mean the SUV.

Doing the jobs Americans won't do - like voting

Francine Busby

Francine Busby is the Donk candidate in tomorrow's special election for Congress in California, but she's having a problem with a pesky Freudian slip:
If an election can turn on a sentence, this could be the one: “You don't need papers for voting.”

On Thursday night, Francine Busby, the Democratic candidate for the 50th Congressional District, was speaking before a largely Latino crowd in Escondido when she uttered those words. She said yesterday she simply misspoke.

But someone taped it and a recording began circulating yesterday. After she made that statement at the meeting, Busby immediately said: “You don't need to be a registered voter to help (the campaign).” She said that subsequent statement was to clarify what she meant.
It's clear, Francine - you're recruiting illegal aliens to vote for you and work on your campaign.
The recording, which was played yesterday on Roger Hedgecock's radio talk show, jolted the campaign.

Busby, a Cardiff school board member, is in a tight race with Republican Brian Bilbray, a congressman-turned-lobbyist, who has based his campaign on a tough anti-illegal-immigration stance. Busby has focused her campaign on ethics reform. The two are vying to replace Randy “Duke” Cunningham, who was jailed after pleading guilty to taking bribes.

Busby said she was invited to the forum at the Jocelyn Senior Center in Escondido by the leader of a local soccer league. Many of the 50 or so people there were Spanish speakers. Toward the end, a man in the audience asked in Spanish: “I want to help, but I don't have papers.”

It was translated and Busby replied: “Everybody can help, yeah, absolutely, you can all help. You don't need papers for voting, you don't need to be a registered voter to help.”

Bilbray said at worst, Busby was encouraging someone to vote illegally. At best, she was encouraging someone who is illegally in the country to work on her campaign.
You notice she didn't say, "Sorry sir, but since you are an illegal alien, there's nothing you can do." Of course, I prefer "The border is just 30 miles away, head for it," but expecting a Donk to give up a potential "client" is always too much to ask.

Update: Even better, here's a transcript of ole Francine:
0:41 Busby: Yeah, you don't need papers for voting. You don't need to be a registered voter to help.
0:44 [Spanish translation of Busby]
0:49 Busby: Because you're the w-, You know, uh, people ask me, "What am I doing to reach out to, to your community?" And I will do everything I can to support you, to promote policies that are supportive of your education and healthcare and families.
1:03 Busby, continued: But, I can't, I can't bring people to vote for me. Only you can do that.
1:09 [Spanish interpretation]
1:19 Busby: And so we have staff members here who will be working with your leaders.
1:23 [Spanish interpretation]
1:27 Busby: And they'll explain, they'll give your information to go with it, both in English and Spanish
1:33 [Spanish interpretation]
1:36 Busby: And, and they'll, they'll, uh, give you information on how to do this.
1:40 [Spanish interpretation]

Lurch is up to his old tricks again!

Er, not those old tricks - the Angolan pepper pot might cut him off without a dime! I mean his all time favorite trick of lying about his Vietnam service and subsequent disservice, now with the help of some goofy organization called "the Patriot Project" and brown noser Kate Zernike at the NY Times. Thomas Lipscomb applies the clue bat in The Truth, John Kerry, and The New York Times:
Kate Zernike's story on the front page of the Memorial Day Sunday New York Times, "Kerry Pressing Swift Boat Case Long After Loss," is an unfortunate reminder of the Times's embarrassingly poor coverage of Kerry in the face of the Swift Boat Veterans' for Truth charges in the 2004 election. Now as then, the Times acts as if the issues involved were between Kerry's latest representations of his record and the "unsubstantiated" charges of the Swift Boat group. The Times used the term "unsubstantiated" more than twenty times during its election coverage and continues to make no discernable effort to examine any of the charges in detail.

But there was plenty of evidence in the work of other news organizations that some of the charges, and the Kerry military records themselves, were worth examining seriously. I found numerous problems with Kerry's records on his website in my own reporting for the Chicago Sun-Times: a Silver Star with a V for valor listed that the Navy stated it had never awarded in the history of the US Navy, three separate medal citations with some heavy revisions in Kerry's favor signed by former Navy Secretary John Lehman who denied ever signing them, to name two.

Additionally I found by examining the message traffic with experts that when the Swift Boat Vets charged that Kerry had written the Bay Hap after action report, by which he received his bronze star and the third purple heart that was his ticket out of Vietnam, the evidence showed that it was indeed probably written by Kerry himself. Zernike seems to have totally missed this in her reporting. Zernike is content to refer to Kerry's claim that "original reports pulled from the naval archives contradict the charge that he drafted his own accounts of various incidents," none of which she cites, provides, or analyzes.

Zernike appears to have made no effort to look at any record besides listing Kerry's latest assertions with obligatory quotes from the usual Swiftie suspects to provide "balance." She doesn't appear to be aware of the hilarious inconsistency of the Kerry hat story she recites dutifully as if this was the very first time the hat had appeared in print.
If ole Kate is buying the magic hat story, one can't help but wonder how many New York bridges she owns, but follow the link and you'll be certain that she's the biggest owner of real estate in New York City. Sticking with the hat, though:
It is time we all got to see a picture of the famous Kerry "lucky hat," rather than another account by the latest star-struck journalist.
I'm curious about that too and wonder why a snap of the this marvel hasn't surfaced yet. I'm guessing that it looks like this fetching number offered by Communists for Kerry:

John Kerry's lucky hat

Update: There's more at Power Line.

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Today's Hoot

Yesterday we noted a Canadian report on the jihadis arrested in Toronto, expressing shock that these young Canadian-born Muslims had “somehow become radicalized.”

Well, as details emerge about the suspects, the shocks just keep on comin’. Because amazingly, astoundingly, in some inexplicable way that surpasses all understanding, some of the suspects were probably radicalized in a mosque.
Golly! And I thought that it was just a diverse cross section of idle youth that hadn't been given enough support by the stingy Canadian government.

You learn something new every day

The Online Laws of Love:
They are widows and married millionaires and Yalies . They are Christian nonsmokers and truckers and Republicans . And they all want to date you. Well, maybe not you. But someone you could pretend to be, with a little imagination and a working laptop.

Everybody is blond and skinny in cyberspace. And that can be a problem. Just consider the number of marriages ending because one of the parties just met their one true love through Yahoo Personals. As one divorce lawyer recently told Lawyers USA: "A client will come in -- man or woman -- and say there's someone across the country I want to marry. When I ask them, 'Have you met at all?' the answer is, 'No, I just know this is my soul mate.' "

With online romance epidemic, some legislators and lawyers have started to clamor for something to be done about the great abundance of fraud and heartbreak in the world of cyberlove. But really, how would that differ from trying to regulate what happened on "The Love Boat"?
I guess folks aren't getting any smarter, but there are more shenanigans than just personal "exaggeration" and the occasional outright fraud:
Lawsuits against Internet dating sites for the false statements of other customers have mostly gone nowhere, in part because Congress basically immunized such Web sites with the Communications Decency Act of 1996, which says providers can't be held liable for the lies of third parties. That makes some sense. Why shoot the messenger? But a new crop of suits is being pressed by disgruntled customers angry not about false claims by third parties, but about false third parties allegedly created by the companies. is defending a lawsuit over "date bait" -- the creation of fake flirty e-mails to keep paying customers from canceling their accounts. And Yahoo Personals is defending a class-action suit accusing it of creating phony profiles to "generate interest, public trust and give the site a much more attractive and functional appearance." Both companies deny any wrongdoing.
I wonder what the job description is for the employees who write "fake flirty e-mails" or hot profiles? More about the whole business by following the link.