Saturday, August 18, 2007

Australian PM candiate Kevin Rudd is really a party animal!

Party Animal Kevin Rudd
Kevin Rudd's hopes of becoming Prime Minister have been rocked by a visit to a New York strip club where he was warned against inappropriate behaviour during a drunken night while representing Australia at the United Nations.

Mr Rudd yesterday issued a statement to The Sunday Telegraph, confirming he went to the club. But he said he could not recall what happened at the night spot because he had "had too much to drink''.

"If my behaviour caused any offence to anybody whatsoever that evening, I of course wholeheartedly apologise'' he said.

Mr Rudd went to the Manhattan "gentlemen's club'' Scores in September, 2003, when he was Shadow foreign affairs minister.

He was in New York at taxpayers' expense as a bipartisan observer at the UN. Mr Rudd went to the club, which is a well-known haunt of UN diplomats and journalists, with New York Post editor Col Allan and Northern Territory Labor MP Warren Snowdon.
Ole Kev sure got right into the United Nations thing, but a lot of the folks back home probably don't really understand what goes on there so they may be a trifle miffed. Not to mention his wife.

That's OK, Kevin - being a lefty means you'll be forgiven, but if you need some tips just put in a call to Ted Kennedy. The weekend is a bad time, of course, but whenever Ted sobers up I'm sure he'll give you a jingle with some good advice.

This is via Tim Blair who observes that "Haven’t been to the club in question, but things have to get pretty lively at these joints before you’re shown the door." Indeed. The article referenced explains what goes on at Scores, which is pretty much what goes on at any strip club but with higher prices, but here's the nut:

One customer review on the NY City Search site notes: "Scores has the best bouncers among all gentleman clubs in NY City. "They do not interfere unless you really cross the limit."

I wonder what ole Kevin was trying to stuff in her g-string? Kevin says he was too drunk to remember, but there must have been plenty of witnesses. C'mon folks, drop a dime.

Today's Hoot!

Fun with that sleazy hack, Ken Layne:

Hey, Ken? How's that media career goin' for ya, buddy? Remember when you thought you'd soon have a gig with a real MSM outfit? And now you're working in Ana Marie Cox's old internet pretend-job, working for her old crappy salary (if that-- did you manage to get the big Cox salary or did you agree to a cut?), while she, many, many years your junior, is now at Time.
Click through for more hijinks, but watch out for the picture of ole Ken since it's rather hard to take on a full stomach.

Friday, August 17, 2007

Hey, Tipper! Empty out the bottom dresser drawer!

vibrator recycling
Click the (lightly edited) picture for ... er, enlargement

The Register reveals a new program in the UK that will surely warm the cockles of Al Gore's heart - a recycling program for old, worn out vibrators. Here's the pitch (some vibrator photos likely NSFW):

New recycling regulations mean that all electrical equipment - including sex toys! - must be disposed of at a designated electrical waste collection centre. This means that you shouldn’t just chuck your dead vibrator in the kitchen bin!

More than 1,000 electrical waste centres have been set up at recycling sites around the UK. But who wants the hassle and embarrassment of taking your dog-eared defunct sex toy down to the tip? Nobody! That's where the LoveHoney Rabbit Amnesty can help.

Send your old rabbit vibrator to LoveHoney Rabbit Amnesty and we will:

  • Carefully dispose of your old vibrator
  • Donate £1 to a green charity
  • Ensure as much of it is recycled as possible
  • Send you a new rabbit vibrator for half price!
Such a deal! Al and Tipper should really get on top of this one! I also think "ecogasms" is a nice turn of phrase - maybe they'll send a truckload of their product to the Democrat convention next year?

Thursday, August 16, 2007

The best thing about the Internet...

The best thing about the Internet is that it allows third world ankle biters to practice their English while trying to scam us. As evidence I offer this email missive:

Womens always whooped at me and even fellows did in the not private water closet!
Well, now I sriek at them, because I took M E _G_A_D_ IK for 6 months and now my penis is badly more than federal.
shop for (Website deleted)
Of course it could always be Harry Reid.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Palestinian terrorists do children's TV

It's always interesting to see what uncivilized savages do with modern technology and the thugs of Hamas don't disappoint with their attempt at a children's TV show:

Too bad the lion cage wasn't unlocked. On the other hand, I can't wait for the episode where Nahool shows the kids what not to do with dad's AK-47 and RPG.