Friday, June 12, 2009

Obama's health care swindle


Obama and his flying monkeys love to prattle on about the supposed hordes of Americans who lack health insurance, but the numbers just plain don't support that claim as any number of dispassionate observers have remarked although you won't see it in the MSM. I had been meaning to write about it, but Doug Ross provides a post by "Mister R" that does it better than I could - The '47 million' lie:

During her campaign for President, Hillary Clinton admitted in questioning that, of the 47 million, at least 25 percent could afford health insurance but choose not to purchase it (those with a household income of more than $75,000 a year). I believe the number to be slightly higher, closer to 30 percent, but let's use Clinton's number. That's 12 million.

Let's count illegal aliens. Believe it or not, illegals are counted in this number, however, statistical models vary and have ranged from 5 to 12 million. Let's take the middle. 8 million.

Then there are those who are already eligible for government programs but not participating. That number is estimated at 12 to 16 million. Let's take 12 million.

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Add the numbers up and you get 38 million. That leaves 9 million without coverage (although they really do have coverage since the federal government, along with the states, administer Medicaid and charity care).

So the real number of [nominally] uninsured is 8-10 million. There are 300 million Americans.

So we want to break the system because 1 out of 30 people cannot afford coverage. That's absurd.

That it is patently absurd is proved by Team Obama belatedly trotting out claims that Obamacare is really about saving money for consumers. Since Barack has no plans to rein in his trial lawyer supporters who grotesquely inflate all aspects of US healthcare costs, adding a layer of government bureaucracy is only going to save money by rationing medical care just like they do in other countries with socialized medicine.

Obamacare-rationed-medical-care rationed-health-care Obama-rationed-health-care

(posters from Michelle Malkin's Obamacare poster contest)

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Obama to send terrorists on tropical island vacations

I wish I was a Guantanamo inmate:

But whoa! Who wants to spend the rest of their lives in Asskicker, Missouri, or Boredom, Illinois, when you can open a dive school in Palau?

Yesterday it emerged that 17 Chinese muslims were being sent to the Pacific islands, somewhat near the Philippines. Palau was until the 1990s tied to the United States, and the latest move had absolutely nothing to do with the renegotiation of a $200 million US assistance package.

Now it turns out that another load of inmates are being sent for "resettlement" to Bermuda. There they can also open a dive shop, play golf, eat rum cake and get stuck into the sherry pepper sauce, possibly the greatest cooking ingredient known to man or woman. Goodness knows what the Bermudans are currently negotiating with the administration.

You have to hand it to Obama, not too many folks would have figured out such a clever plan for what to do with terrorists.