Tuesday, November 02, 2004

And the fun is just starting!

That malignant dwarf, Tom Daschle, apparently had an election eve panic attack and decided to to go to court because, er, well here's a Live Report From Courtroom:
A Mr. Jordan was just testifying at the hearing in Daschle's lawsuit to stop poll watching. He worked for Howard Dean in Iowa. He said that poll watchers would "roll their eyes" and make a "negative face" at times and that, in his opinion, this constituted "intimidation" of voters. See SDP for a look at the complaint.

UPDATE: Another report on Daschle's first witness, the Howard Dean worker. He's a lawyer from Virginia who works for Lexis-Nexis and has been in South Dakota for 48 hours. He testified to "note-taking" and "faces" being made. He said nothing was said to voters and nobody was disenfranchised. They are taking a short break before the next witness. Lawyers in the courtroom think this is an absurd joke. SDP calls it "The Death Rattle of Daschle's Political Career."
This goober turned out to be the only witness to the dastardly deeds. More by following the links and from Ryne McLaren.

Which reminds me of this startling news - Kerry: GOP Plans to Suppress Lawyer Turnout:
In the closing hours of campaign 2004, John Forbes Kerry today charged the Bush-Cheney campaign with efforts to suppress the election day turnout of yet another minority group--America's trial lawyers.

Mr. Kerry said he's heard rumors that Bush-Cheney operatives plan to stage a series of minor automobile accidents in battleground states hoping to draw lawyers away from the polls.

"Whether it's African-Americans, Hispanics or America's trial lawyers, we need to ensure that these oppressed minorities get to the precincts tomorrow," said Mr. Kerry. "My fellow attorneys, don't let your compassion for the injured sway you from your duty to the nation."
It's ScrappleFace, of course, but these days it's hard to tell.