Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Don't let the Democrats see this!

Uploaded by TheoSpark

Just think what would happen if the Donks caught sight of this Taliban training video. Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi would surrender immediately, John Murtha would ask for a bribe, and Jimmy Carter and Cindy Sheehan would try to give the guy a tongue bath. It's hard to tell what James "RageBoy" Webb would do, since he doesn't always take his meds.

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Sunday, July 15, 2007

Larry David dumps the dummy!

Laurie David says she is not fat

Larry David is your typical Hollywood liberal, but even he apparently found his wife's moonbat act hard to take:
Now that he's separated, Larry David is having a laugh at his wife's expense. The "Curb Your Enthusiasm" card said he celebrated the end of his 14-year marriage to eco-activist Laurie David in a way that was sure to upset her. "After the divorce, I went home and turned all the lights on," David told TV critics in LA. A fiercely private guy, David denied that his wife's public war on global warming caused the split. "No, no, no, she's been that way throughout," he said.
Tim Blair suggests that it must have been a long 14 years.
Some of Laurie David's Martha's Vineyard neighbors aren't so thrilled. They contend her lavish lifestyle is at odds with her activism.
The last is in reference to Laurie paving a swamp in order to better entertain her global warming guru, Robert Kennedy Jr. What better indication of terminal clue lack is there than looking to that loser for anything?

Anyhow, it seems that Laurie David has kept spiffing up the Martha's Vineyard mansion to the distress of her neighbors and was apparently having even more work done:
So, anyway, I reported that her closeness with their caretaker, who is also currently divorcing his wife, might constitute a factor. I now know that not even clams open up like people who summer on Martha's Vineyard. The David lawyers should only have as much information as I've freshly been given.

These newly wide-open mouths allege that Missus and the Caretaker have been taking care for a long time. They claim Larry knew nothing since the couple, married about 15 years and with two children, mainly live in California.
What could be more earth-friendly than Laurie and the caretaker taking a few rolls in the compost? Of course, given that it's Laurie, it might be manure.