Monday, January 19, 2009

Caroline Kennedy to challenge Barbara Boxer as dumbest Senator?

Caroline Kennedy
It looks like goofy David Paterson is going to appoint goofy Caroline Kennedy to replace the maleficent Hillary Clinton in the US Senate. Now I don't mind that Caroline has never done anything but live graciously on the ample trust fund provided by her robber baron grandfather, but you know, every time she opens her mouth my estimate of her IQ goes down a point and is now nearing negative territory. Barabara Boxer better look out - Caroline is going to be fierce competition for the coveted dumbest Senator award which Babs has had locked up for years after toppling long time favorite Maria Cantwell.

Still, I shouldn't complain since Caroline is sure to be a source of endless hilarity. The apparently senile Ed Koch says Caroline will be a great Senator because it is in her genes. I guess that means she will get drunk a lot and assault women. I just hope they'll remember not to take a ride in her car!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Obama dopes want dope

Obama supporters want dope

I've been ignoring as yet another Internet marketing scam by Obama's handlers that exists (at taxpayer expense, of course) to build up his mailing list. You know, give the Obama appartchiks your email address and you get to vote on the national agenda (zzzzz) and receive fundraising spam for life. Kind of like those phoney Obama IQ tests you see advertised except that they require payment now instead of later.

Anyhow, it turns out that there was a vein of comedy gold at as Austin Modine reveals at The Register:

Obama's site will close down its internet suggestion box today [January 17], after a week of taking suggestions and opinions on the new administration's executive policy from the web public at large. In standard Web 2.0 fashion, users can vote up or down on existing entries — the theory being that the best schemes will rise to top.

Supposedly, the "top ideas" will be presented directly to the new Commander-in-chief in the form of a "Citizen's Briefing Book" following his inauguration on January 20.
1) With 70,520 points at time of publication, the the most popular idea by a margin of 10,300 is "Ending Marijuana Prohibition."
Which brings us to: 2) "Bullet Trains & Light Rail."
3) Closely behind train funding in votes is a call for "an end to the government sponsored abstinence education to be replaced by an introduction of age appropriate sex education."
To be saved for a cold day in hell is 4) the request America "Commit to becoming the 'greenest' country in the world."
At the end of our top five, we hit our top 5), which takes us back to 1): "Stop using federal resources to undermine states' medicinal marijuana laws."

Hmmm, this sounds a tad familiar: Make love not war in a garden of Eden with plenty of weed and choo choo train rides to trip you out while high. Why am I not surprised that stoners are Barry's most fervent supporters? To them his blather probably makes sense.  Of course, former drug dealer Obama has stated his support for tokes for all in the past.