Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Obama's Commie Mommies

Che Obama

We all knew that Barack Obama was the most left wing Senator in the US Senate, but it turns out that he's so left wing that he has Communists staffing the Obama campaign offices in Houston:

Barack Obama won’t wear an American flag on his lapel, but on the wall of his Houston campaign office: a Cuban flag with a picture of Communist mass murderer Che Guevara. (Click picture for video.)

And that flag is no fluke. Here’s another one. (Click picture for video, as again the Houston news anchors don’t even notice the big image of Che Guevara staring them in the face.)

Follow the link for the video or check out the fat-assed apparatchicks in these screen caps I stole from KisP:

Communist Obama supporters
Communist Obama supporters

I'm sure they'll be hiding the flags shortly, but think about it this way: If the Commies are endorsing an empty suit like Obama, there's got to be something in it for them and that isn't good for you and me.

(Hat tip to Freedom Dogs for the fetching Che Obama logo.)

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Catching the Obama buzz

Barack Obama wants to legalize marijuana

Only now that ole Barack Obama has a chance to win the Democrat party nomination are folks beginning to take a closer look at his record and it's not a pretty sight:

Barack Obama, the senatorial candidate of 2004, might have a bone to pick with Barack Obama, the presidential candidate of 2008.

Videotapes of debates and speeches that were obtained by The Washington Times show that Mr. Obama took positions during his Senate campaign on nearly a half-dozen issues ranging from the Cuba embargo to health care for illegal aliens that conflict with statements that he has made during his run for the White House.

For example, in MSNBC's Oct. 30 presidential debate, Mr. Obama hesitantly raised his hand and joined with most of his Democratic rivals to declare he opposed decriminalizing marijuana.

But as a U.S. Senate candidate, Mr. Obama told Illinois college students in January 2004 he supported eliminating criminal penalties for marijuana use or possession, a debate video shows.
When confronted with the statements on the video, Obama's campaign offered two explanations to The Times in less than 24 hours. At first, Obama spokesman Tommy Vietor said the candidate had "always" supported decriminalizing marijuana, suggesting that his 2004 statement was correct. Then after The Times posted copies of the video on its Web site,, yesterday, his campaign reversed course and declared he does not support eliminating criminal penalties for marijuana possession and use.
You can see the videos by following the link and while you are there check out some of the other things Barack used to be for but now opposes (in a nuanced way, of course):
  • Giving children of illegal aliens the same benefits as children of citizens including in-state tuition
  • Unilaterally ending the Cuba embargo
  • Abolishing minimum criminal sentences
  • Creating a single-payer, universal health care plan
It takes a big man to fill John Kerry's flip-flops, I guess.