Saturday, April 12, 2008

Elite Obama trashes country folks

Elite Obama trashes country peopleI don't know about you, but I really appreciate it when a leftoid politician like Barack Obama, who has never done an honest day's work in his life, takes time out from his busy social whirl (not to mention stocking his mansion's 1,000 bottle wine cellar and adding to his wife's diamond jewelry and Jimmy Choo shoe collection) to offer his analysis of what's wrong with us little people to an audience of San Francisco swells.

The gist of Obama's remarks seems to be that lack of jobs for the last 25 years makes us small town hicks bitter and thereby prone to worship God, buy guns, and want to protect our country from third world nations dropping their unwanted citizens and shoddy trade goods on us. Earth to Barack: folks in the country have jobs, thanks. You must be confusing them with your welfare queen constituents on the South Side of Chicago. As for God, Guns, and Old Glory - that hasn't changed in more years than you have been alive and will continue long after you have gone. And whining about religion and xenophobia is a little hypocritical for a bosom chum of Rev. Jeremiah Wright.

Still, the big question is why the Obamessiah put his foot in it so badly. We all know that limousine liberals disdain the little people, but usually they take more care to conceal it. Mickey Kaus speculates:

I used to think working class voters had conservative values because they were bitter about their economic circumstances--welfare and immigrants were "scapegoats," part of the false consciousness that would disappear when everyone was guaranteed a good job at good wages. Then I left college. ...

P.S.: Because Obama's comments are clearly a Category II Kinsley Gaffe--in which the candidate accidentally says what he really thinks--it will be hard for Obama to explain away. [He could say he was tired and it was late at night?--ed But he was similarly condescending in his big, heartfelt, well-prepared "race speech" when he explained white anger over welfare and affirmative action as a displacement of the bitterness that comes when whites

are anxious about their futures, and feel their dreams slipping away; in an era of stagnant wages and global competition ...

Obama's new restatement confirms the Marxist Deskwork interpretation of the race speech, removing any honest doubt as to his actual attitude.

Yup, that works for me too. Barry O apparently really believes this stuff based on his Red Diaper baby upbringing and schooling and wants everybody else to believe it too. When folks don't follow the Obama line there's a hidden economic reason for it. Can you say, "Out of touch?" I knew you could! On the other hand, Karl Marx must be sitting up in his grave and barking like a seal.

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Osama getting bored waiting for Obama to be elected

Hanging around the cave waiting for the Obamessiah to show up to apologize is apparently getting to Osama bin Laden, but he has been trying hard to dispel the cabin fever as shown in his latest video:

Osama looks pretty good for a guy taking a dirt nap.