Thursday, July 13, 2006

"Taking Bribes for Dummies" by Crooked John Murtha

Crooked John Murtha will show you how to take bribes from a sheikh

If Crooked John Murtha's political ambitions don't work out and Code Pink doesn't pick up his option, he's always got a back up in writing how-to books. Catch his snappy style in the full Abscam tape that you won't hear about in the MSM these days even though it was originally revealed in the Washington Post. (Via the Curmudgeon.)

Monday, July 10, 2006

I hope Ned Lamont didn't pay too much for his Kos commercial

I finally got around to seeing Kos' commercial for the campaign of goofy Ned Lamont and I have to admit that it's a comedy classic. First, they've got ole Ned all painted up with a ton of makeup including a fake suntan so strong that he looks like an Oompa Loompa. Then they park him on a floral print sofa where he looks like a deer in the headlights while Kos does a peeping tom routine outside the window.

Peeping tom outside Ned Lamont's window

Then to finish it off, Kos storms in with a crew of wingnuts who start capering around Ned like the denizens of the monkey house at the zoo. That part is particularly unfortunate given Kos' physical attributes and general demeanor.
Kos: separated at birth?

We know that Kos will do anything for money, but I'm beginning to suspect that he's really planning to give up politics and start doing comedy using Lamont campaign bucks as seed money.

Sunday, July 09, 2006

More fun with Hillary's brothers

They're the gift that keeps on giving:
A bankruptcy trustee for a carnival company whose owners received a pardon from President Clinton is seeking to garnish the bank accounts of Mr. Clinton's brother-in-law to recoup more than $100,000 in loans.

Anthony D. Rodham, one of Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton's two brothers, got the loans from United Shows of America Inc. after its owners obtained the presidential pardon in March 2000 over the objections of the Justice Department.

Michael E. Collins, trustee for United Shows, filed papers in Alexandria bankruptcy court seeking the return of $107,000 plus $46,034 in interest from Mr. Rodham, 51, for the loans he received from the carnival company, which went bankrupt in 2002.

Mr. Rodham "received the benefit of the loans without making any repayment," reads a related document filed last year in bankruptcy court in Nashville, Tenn.

United Shows' owners, Edgar Gregory Jr. and his wife, Vonna Jo Gregory, were convicted of bank fraud in 1982 on charges of illegally giving loans to friends.
Maybe Tony Rodham wasn't a "friend?"
At the time Mr. Clinton pardoned the Gregorys, Mr. Rodham reportedly said he worked for Tennessee-based United Shows as a consultant and denied taking money to lobby for presidential favors.
Sure, we believe ya! I wish the trustee luck, but I suspect that there won't be too much loot to be had in Tony's bank account unless Hillary becomes President. Being a sideshow geek probably isn't too lucrative.

Today's Hoot!

Mark Steyn's Sunday Smackdown:
The problem for the ''activists'' is that the entire anti-war movement is undernourished. Indeed, in all their contempt for America as an effete narcissistic ninny too soft and self-absorbed to stand any pain, even al-Qaida couldn't have come up with as withering a parody of the Great Satan's decadence as a celebrity pseudo-fast. As the great Shakespearean actor Edmund Kean said on his deathbed: ''Dying is easy. Comedy is hard.'' Not for Sean Penn and Susan Sarandon.