Saturday, October 10, 2009

Norwegian jokes: lutefisk and Barack Obama

Those pesky Norwegians love their practical jokes. First there was lutefisk, now they give Barack Obama the Nobel Peace Prize. Only the American left doesn't realize the joke is on them and BO.

Got curious about how the media in Norway is playing the Nobel Peace Prize decision (I read/write Norwegian fluently), so I check out the Aftenposten (largest daily) this morning. Found one of those opinion poll widgets on their site- vote on if you think the prize to Obama was correct. 62% of Aftenposten's own Norwegian readers voted not vs 37% who voted yes. Just thought you'd be interested in how it plays out over there. Swedish dailies are pretty much skewing this as a stupid joke the Norwegians have created (to be expected...Swedes love to laugh at dumb stuff their next door neighbors do).

Friday, October 09, 2009

Buffoon Obama wins Nobel Peace Prize confirming its comedic value

Hey Lars, let's give the clown the Nobel Peace Prize!

Gosh Sven, that'll be even funnier than Arafat!

Obama Clown Fail

The Seinfeld Award: Obama Should Turn the Prize Down, But He Won't

This is so embarrassing. It highlights Mr. A-'s odd propensity to be given grades, degrees, book deals, law review editorships, presidencies, and now Nobel Prizes based on doing nothing.


The Nobel committee has not done Obama any favors here. This is going to make him more of a joke.

Under such circumstances, he should decline the award and state he wants to win it after he's, I don't know, healed the earth and lowered the oceans, as promised. The Nobel committee will be just itching to give him three or four more of these anyway.

But he's a malignant narcissist and so he won't. The most he can bring himself to do is accept the award on behalf of those wise enough and filled with enough hope and change to vote for him -- sharing the award with those virtuous enough to vote him another beauty pageant prize.

Good God. Laughingstock.

Heck, maybe next year the Eurotards will give Hussein another Nobel for literature. Or maybe not.

Obama splits Nobel literature prize with Bill Ayers