Friday, May 12, 2006

How do you say chutzpah in Chinese?

Chinese researcher fakes chip development:
A university in Shanghai has fired the dean of its microelectronics school for faking the development of a series of digital signal processors, the official Xinhua News Agency reported Friday.

"The Hanxin computer chip series are fake and the state-funded chip research is fraudulent," the Xinhua report said.
In March, the Chinese press published allegations that Chen fabricated the development of the Hanxin chip series, passing off remarked chips from Freescale Semiconductor as products of his own work. Friday's Xinhua report did not detail how Chen's fraud was carried out.

The Hanxin 1 chip was announced in 2003 and followed by several subsequent versions. At the time of their introduction, the Hanxin chips were hailed as a milestone in China's efforts to develop its own intellectual property. They were also cited as evidence that Shanghai was on its way to becoming a global center of chip design and production.
It must suck to be Professor Chen.

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Today's Hoot!

There's a big gaming convention called E3 going on in Los Angeles, but the fun is being rationed - Prudes finger naked E3 Expo strumpets:
The Entertainment Software Association has effectively ruined the best chance that the average gamer will ever get of seeing a authentic expanse of female flesh by ordering "booth babes" at the E3 Expo in LA to put it away - or face the consequences.
No pictures by following the link. On the other hand, they could use the gals as-is in Chicago where that pesky global warming is promising days of unseasonably cold weather. Don't anyone tell Al Gore.