Friday, August 14, 2009

Joker Obama shows up in Canada

Obama Joker Ottawa Canada

A poster on FR reports that Joker Obama has made it to the great White North:

So there I was, on my way to the grocery store this morning to pick up a nice one and three quarter inch thick T-bone for a BBQ this weekend. The store is on the corner of Bank and Somerset - pretty much the nexus of all things left wing in Ottawa. With construction shutting down car traffic on Bank Street all summer, various stores are offering up promos to help with business. Just as I turned to enter the store, [a] Quiznos sign caught my eye - or rather, something *on* the Quiznos sign. Dear Leader! Blasphemed!

A commenter on the thread notes the resemblance of the Obama Joker meme to one a few of us oldsters still remember, "Kilroy Was Here."


kilroy was here 

It's the same idea - annoying fascists.