Friday, July 25, 2008

Help John Edwards make up an excuse!

Fox News reports it has confirmed the National Enquirer story of the John Edwards midnight visit to the Beverly Hilton:

A Beverly Hills hotel security guard told he intervened this week between a man he identified as former Sen. John Edwards and tabloid reporters who chased down the former presidential hopeful after what they're calling a rendezvous with his mistress and love child.

The Beverly Hilton Hotel guard said he encountered a shaken and ashen-faced Edwards — whom he did not immediately recognize — in a hotel men's room early Tuesday morning in a literal tug-of-war with reporters on the other side of the door.

"What are they saying about me?" the guard said Edwards asked.

"His face just went totally white," the guard said, when Edwards was told the reporters were shouting out questions about Edwards and Rielle Hunter, a woman the National Enquirer says is the mother of his child.


A former campaign staffer, speaking on condition of anonymity, told he wishes he were "more surprised" to hear reports Edwards was visiting Hunter. "I'm definitely upset by it. I wish I was more surprised, though."

Looks like ole Johnny Reid has some 'splaining to do if he wants to avoid his wife hiring Jesse Jackson to give him an "Obama makeover." That's so sad, I think we all have to pitch in and help him out! Here's my contribution:

John Edwards excuse

Obama's Western Wall prayer revealed - exclusive image!

Barry Obama's Excellent Adventure Tour pulled into Jerusalem for a photo-op at the Western Wall this week and there Barry deposited a written prayer in the Wall in the traditional manner. There's been some controversy about whether that prayer should be revealed, but I think it should and below is an exclusive scan:
Obama Western Wall prayer

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

A match made in Heaven

John Edwards Rielle Hunter
John Edwards and Rielle Hunter

The National Enquirer catches John Edwards with his pants down er, with his love child and mistress Rielle Hunter at the Beverly Hilton. The best part is where John hid in the john.