Thursday, May 22, 2008

Polygamist knocks up 17-year old girl!

No, it's not some goofy religious sect member in Texas, it's Barack Obama Sr. who knocked up Barack Obama Jr.'s hippie chick mom before she turned 18.

I'm being a little unfair since Big Daddy Obama had only one wife at the time he knocked her up and it's never been proved that he actually married Stanley Ann Dunham, so legally polygamy (or at least bigamy) may have had to await his marriage to his third "wife." The Obamessiah's reticence about releasing his birth certificate despite the way it impedes attempted debunkings of the rumors that his real name is Barak Hussein Muhammed Obama lends credence to the suspicion that it was less a marriage than a shacking up. Or maybe Muhammed actually is one of Barry's middle names.

Of course, the wackiest thing is that Momma Obama filled little Barry's head with the nobility of the "dreams of his father" and was the ghost writer for his tome on the subject when all evidence indicates that about the only noble thing Big Daddy ever did was leave her his name after the five minutes he spent with her.