Friday, July 15, 2005

Morning jollies

Via Dave Barry, I'm entranced to discover the next two items:

Eating Disorder Expert Collapses at Market:
WEST HARTFORD, Conn. (AP) - An expert in eating disorders collapsed in a supermarket after inhaling propellant from whipped cream cans, according to police.

Lisa G. Berzins, a prominent psychologist who has been on national television and radio shows and in newspaper articles, was arrested on a warrant Friday charging her in the May 29 incident, The Hartford Courant reported.

Berzins, 49, has a practice in West Hartford. She has written and lectured on eating disorders, female development, sex roles and self-esteem, according a speaker's biography from the American Psychological Association.

According to the arrest warrant affidavit, West Hartford police responded to the Farmington Avenue Stop & Shop and found Berzins lying on the floor and bleeding from her head. Berzins, the affidavit says, told police she did not know what happened.

Police interviewed witnesses and collected evidence, then determined that Berzins apparently inhaled from three cans of whipped cream containing nitrous oxide, known as laughing gas, the affidavit says.
Perhaps she was doing field research? But I mostly want to know if she was putting the "used" cans back on the shelf.

It's 'Homo Light' - the gay softdrink:
NORWEGIAN homosexuals are set to launch their own soda brand, "Homo light", at an upcoming gastronomic festival, in the hope that it will help promote tolerance, one of the authors of the project said.

"The goal is not for us to make money but to make us more visible and accepted," Oeystein Mauritzen told AFP.

Pear-flavored and pink, "Homo Light" will go on sale as a one-time offer at a stand at a gastronomic festival in the southwestern town of Stavanger between July 27 and 30.

Along with the soda, which will be sold in half-litre (about a pint) bottles for 20 kroner ($4.70), the group will sell rainbow-colored pasta salads.
Yep, that'll do it.

Ace clears it up for me, at least:
* You're a mouth-breathing troglodyte if you suggest that Ward Churchill should be removed from his unearned tenured position, inter alia, advocating the fragging of American military officers, plagiarism, falsification of sources, falsification of qualifications, and for comparing the victims of 9-11 to Nazis such as Adolf Eichmann.

* But you're a rising star in the Democratic Party for suggesting that a legislator be "removed from office" for (correctly) pointing out that you are advocating an economically disastrous tax-and-spend policy.
Everyone clear on the rules?
Who knew he did stand-up?
"PRESIDENT CHIRAC sought to regain favour with his worried nation yesterday by telling the French that they are far better off than the British and have no reason to take lessons from across the Channel."
Here's a good idea:
For some years now, I've been pondering a little amendment to the Constitution. Nothing too grand, mind you. Just a little something that could fit on a cocktail napkin, yet at the same time provide more legal clarity than 100 Sandra Day O'Connor opinions.
And, so, without further ado, here it is, my 28th Amendment:

Amendment XXVIII.

The crapwaesels would still try to nuance it.

Plame: I don't want to hurt your feelings, honey, but you're a loser. You were ambassador to Gabon. Hell, Shirley Temple was ambassador to Ghana. You were such a zero, you were drummed out of the Foreign Service. That's like being too crazy for the Scientologists. The only way a cipher like you could get a book deal is with the right packaging.
Ole Joe Wilson still has a big career ahead endorsing bagged manure.

Sunday, July 10, 2005

What if you gave a party and nobody came?

Check out zombie's report on the "big" United Nations 60'th Anniversary hoedown in San Francisco. Gosh, they had everything - good eats, actors in period costume, and a stunning array of UN bigs!

(Hat tip: LGF)