Friday, November 05, 2004

And then there's "P. Diddy"

MTV breathlessly informs us P. Diddy Exhausted After 'Running Wild' On Election Day:
P. Diddy says he got off on the wrong foot when it came to his political endeavors in 2004. If he could do things over again, he wouldn't have yelled for folks to get George W. Bush's "ass out of office."

"I was a little reckless with my comments, to be honest," Diddy said on Tuesday (November 2). "I realized I relinquished my power too early after I educated myself. I shouldn't have said that until I felt that there was somebody that could be better for my people. ... I learned a lot in this process. I learned that my power could be used better. Instead of attacking Bush, it would be better to light a flame under young Americans and let them make the decisions."
The rest of the article seems to be a puff piece for ole P that's even more mindless than he is.
"[Voting] gave me a lot of butterflies. It felt like my vote counted. It really felt when I pulled that lever that my 'ching' went in. The vibe with all the kids [voting], it looked crazy. I know it never happened with so many young people, with minorities, it was crazy. You could tell we were making history. A young lady came up to me and [said] this was her first time voting, and that's because of the Vote or Die campaign. She was taught by us, she got interested in voting, and it wasn't that difficult.
My fears of a rocket scientist shortage were unfounded!

Well, at least the Daily Recyler has a video.