Saturday, November 06, 2004

So you think Hollyweirdos are clueless?

Andrew Bolt provides a glimpse of the artistes Down Under - I'd swear this chick talks foul:
The editor of the Sunday Herald Sun warns that some readers may be offended by the language quoted in this column.

AS MARIEKE Hardy swore through her speech on good writing, I wondered how it is we're sliding so fast into barbarity.

After all, isn't Hardy typical of a generation of activists that backs fashionable moral causes?
Now she's an admired scriptwriter, working not only on Neighbours, Blue Heelers, Always Greener, Short Cuts and Something in the Air, but on Channel 7's new Last Man Standing, being made with the help of government cash.

In fact, she's so admired that she was flown last weekend to the Sydney Writers' Muster -- also backed by taxpayers' money -- to discuss: "What happened to all the risky writing?"

Here's excerpts from her published speech:

"Hello. I hate speaking in public . . . I am currently working with Ewan Burnett on [Last Man Standing] . . . and when I asked him what I should say today he suggested I read one of my old spoken-word pieces about my parents sticking pepper grinders up each other's a...s. . . .
Ah, a spicy family life! It gets better (or worse depending on your point of view and sense of humor) but you'll have to follow the link. As for her politics:

Despite this, Hardy is an activist with a social conscience. She and a friend own Polichicks, which sells Bob Brown cushions, "Sorry" necklaces and Gough Whitlam handbags. Part of the profits, she says, goes to the far-Left Refugee Action and the National Sorry Day Committee.

Ed. note: This is a local Australian variant of the universal leftoid Sorry meme.

On her website, she notes how The Age attacked the editor of the student newspaper Farrago, Miranda Airey-Branson, 20, whose social sin is to vote Liberal. [i.e. conservative in Australia - ed.]

"Is there some slutty sweary ladybird on-line who is an out and proud Liberal," Hardy jeers, before describing how she would sexually abuse Airey-Branson, whom she calls an "ugly ignorant c..." -- wrongly I should add. "Then I'm going to p... on her."
She must be a lot of fun at parties! Maybe we could hook her up with Margaret Cho?