Wednesday, August 09, 2006

What's old is new

An editorial in the Waterbury (CT) Republican-American - Hang in there, Sen. Lieberman:
The world is much changed since Joseph I. Lieberman upset a powerful incumbent politician and ascended to the U.S. Senate 18 years ago. Or has it? The lure of appeasement in foreign affairs seemingly was on the wane in Ronald Reagan's America, but it waxed anew Tuesday in anti-war candidate Ned Lamont's Democratic primary victory over Sen. Lieberman.

This disappointing result completed a curious reversal of the 1988 general election, in which hawkish challenger Lieberman defeated Republican Sen. Lowell P. Weicker Jr. This summer, Mr. Weicker counted himself among Mr. Lamont's supporters. Reviewing this newspaper's solitary endorsement of Mr. Lieberman -- the rest supported the incumbent -- it's easy to see why Mr. Weicker hooked up with the challenger.

Both, it turns out, are appeasers.
That's the polite term.

Today's Hoot!

BP's green gimmicks:
BP has spent the past few years trying to convince consumers that it has no real interest in producing oil. Now we learn to our dismay that the company may have been telling the truth. It has so little interest in producing oil that it permitted its pipelines in Prudhoe Bay to corrode to the point that they must be replaced, a fact that is driving oil prices through the roof.
BP's slogan, incredibly, is "beyond petroleum." And its ads mostly tout its expenditures on alternative energy, salute hand-wringing green rhetoric from what it calls "real people" and trumpet natural gas "as cleaner than coal or oil."
Here's an idea, BP: Spare us the warm and fuzzy sloganeering, stop acting as if you're ashamed of what you do - the diffidence is nauseating - and get back to the basics of business. Be an energy company proud to produce oil in Prudhoe Bay - and then do it without spills or corroded pipes.
Heck, if their oil business in Prudhoe Bay offends them so much maybe they ought to give it away.

More fun at Nutroots Puppet Theater!

Ned Lamont, the nutroots puppet

In this week's episode, Ned Lamont bloviates up so much of a storm that you'll almost be convinced that he's more than a whining hairdo. See if you can catch the nutroots puppeteers moving their lips!

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Maybe I can get a job at Reuters too!

Satan Nasrallah in the smoke over Beirut

Nah. Unlike terrorist butt boy Adnan Hajj, I just don't have the right slant on things. Well, there's always the Weekly World News. Maybe I'll see ole Adnan there if he doesn't get a promotion or a better gig at al Jazeera.