Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day 2010

Tomb of the Unknowns

On this Memorial Day, my thoughts are best put into words by William Forstchen: A Tale of Two Americas On Memorial Day 2010:

We are now so clearly two Americas and this conflict about how to observe Memorial Day symbolizes a cultural divide which started in the 1960s and now seems all but unfathomable. That divide was brutally and crudely stated this week by the “progressive” journalist David Corn, editor with “Nation” Magazine, when he wrote in defense of the first family’s decision to treat this weekend at a “vacation”:

So what the hell do these conservatives want out of Obama? And does it matter if Obama throws some leaves on a tomb?

David, I will tell you what we want. We want a president who holds sacred certain beliefs and traditions that are the very essence of what we see as being an “American.” In a world of such political correctness where we are constantly ordered not to offend, we are the people who on this sacred day are offended beyond any ability to express, offended by our president’s actions, offended by your soulless mocking words. . ."throws some leaves on a tomb. . ."

If that is indeed your belief, and the belief of those who are apologists for yet another insult by our president to sacred traditions, there is only one answer. We are a house divided against itself, we have become two Americas with all which that implies and such a divide, in the end, will be resolved one way or the other and come November, of this year and in 2012 we will remember.

I'd like to see David Corn explain himself to the Gold Star mother who lives down the road, but who wants his foul presence polluting the clean country air in the first place? God bless our veterans who have died to keep us free. A new generation will undoubtedly be called on to do the same to protect us from tyrants both domestic and foreign.