Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Defenders say that Max Baucus always sounds drunk

The video of the stumbling and slurred health care rant (complete with flailing arm gestures) by Montana Senator Max Baucus on the Senate floor is certainly good for laughs

but even better is that his defenders say that Baucus always sounds drunk. I guess ole Max never needs to dress up warmly in those cold Montana winters even when Baucus' well-paid (by the taxpayers) girl friend isn't around! Here's an earlier clip of Max Baucus back when he had a beard and appeared on a popular talk show:

Monday, December 28, 2009

Hey, Kay Hagan! Where is North Carolina's Health-Care Christmas present?

I'm very disappointed.

On Christmas morning I couldn't find one single gift to North Carolina from Sen. Kay Hagan under the health-care "reform" tree.
Louisiana got a nice package. Florida and Connecticut, too. And Nebraska scored a really big present.

Just six days ago Crooked Harry Reid said that if a senator didn't get his state "something" in the health-care "reform" package, then that senator wasn't doing his or her job.

And Sen. Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., upped the ante. He said that every state did "get something" in the measure.

OK. it may be a little late, but I'm still excited. What's North Carolina's gift? Goofy Kay, as everyone knows, won her seat in the Senate last year on Barack Obama's coat tails and ever since she has been in Washington whenever Obama or Harry Reid told her to jump, her only response was "How high?" Goofy Kay has voted for every single thing those boys have dredged up so North Carolina's present has got to be something really good!

Flat screen TVs for every man, woman and child? No, no -- that's way too small.

A new military base ... for every county?

A lump of coal and a power plant to fire it?

Oh, I know: Lifetime exemptions for North Carolina residents and all of their descendents from federal income tax? That would be nice.

Whatever it is, I can't wait for the UPS truck to finally get here. The suspense is unbearable.

(With apologies to Sherman Frederick)