Friday, December 28, 2012

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Narcissistic Obama tells mourners at Inouye funeral, "It's all about me"

The Clown Prince's narcissism is getting so bad that even Emily Yoffe at Slate notices: Today We Are Gathered … To Hear More About Me.

Someone needs to tell Barack Obama—it must get particularly confusing this time of year—that his own birth is not Year One, the date around which all other events are understood. His much-noted, self-referential tic was on cringe-worthy display Friday when the president gave his eulogy for the late Sen. Daniel Inouye, who served in Congress for half a century representing Obama’s birth state of Hawaii.

Inouye was a Japanese-American war hero (he lost an arm in World War II, destroying his dream of becoming a surgeon), and as a senator he served on the Watergate committee, helped rewrite our intelligence charter after scandals, and was chairman of the Senate committee that investigated the Iran-Contra affair. It’s the kind of material any eulogist could use to give a moving sense of the man and his accomplishment. But President Barack Obama’s remarks at Inouye’s funeral service were a bizarre twirl around his own personal Kodak carousel.

Obama is a legend in his own mind. Even better, he just can't keep his stories straight: Obama Has to Fib Even at a Funeral.