Saturday, February 01, 2014

The Super Bowl may be a crowd pleaser, but it can't beat Shaolin Soccer

Hang on until the end where the goalie loses his clothes. No word on the cheerleaders, but they have the all important gay demographic covered.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Dear House GOP - don't do anything about illegal immigration this session

Don't Do It

The House Republican leadership has been confronted by devilishly difficult tactical choices over the years. But what to do on the issue of immigration right now isn’t one of them. The correct course is easy and eminently achievable: Do nothing.

The old Reagan catchphrase calling for non-action — don’t just do something, stand there — has never been more apt. Yet the House leadership is about to roll out a set of immigration principles reportedly including an amnesty for illegal aliens, and presumably will follow up with a push to pass them through the House. This is legislative strategy as unforced error.


For now, nothing worth having can pass the Democratic Senate or get signed into law by President Obama.

And any "enforcement" would have to be by President Obama and we know how he bad he is at following the law.

UPDATE: Here's another GOP immigration puzzler:

But just as House GOP leaders are considering a possible immigration push for later this year, the poll shows that only 39% think immigration should be a priority for this year. It’s one of the few issues we tested where majorities of Democrats, independents, and Republicans all agree that it should NOT be a priority. Go figure.

The only people who want immigration "reform" are illegal aliens and their enablers in the MSM and Democrat leadership. So why is the GOP House leadership wasting so much time on it?