Thursday, February 19, 2009

Obama's illegal alien supporters get their stimulus

From the Charlotte (NC) Observer - Stimulus dollars may end up helping illegal workers:

Thousands of N.C. jobs and millions in wages created from the federal economic stimulus package could wind up going to illegal immigrants.

Congress stripped language from the $789billion package that would have required employers to verify the legal status of workers paid with stimulus money. 


While it's impossible to say definitively how many illegal immigrants will get jobs, multiple studies estimate at least 14 percent of the construction labor force is in the U.S. illegally. Experts say actual numbers are likely much higher.

Based on what I have seen around here, 14% is a vast underestimate. So how did this happen?

The House of Representatives included an amendment in the original stimulus bill that would have required all recipients of stimulus money to use E-Verify, a federal program that checks Social Security numbers. House and Senate negotiators removed the requirement in the final version.

Golly, I'm sure surprised. The House and Senate negotiators were all Democrats and a critical part of their votes comes from illegals. Think I'm kidding? How about North Carolina which "went" for Obama last year by 14,000 votes, but has about 55,000 driver's licenses expiring this year where the driver identified themselves with a tax id number and not a Social Security number. That's a favorite illegal alien dodge and only the most naive think they that declined motor voter registration when they got their licenses.

Obama pays off his deadbeat supporters with taxpayer money

Obama deadbeat mortgage bailout

Barack Obama has announced his payoff plan for all the deadbeat supporters that he and his pals forced the banks to give mortgages to and what a surprise - it involves fleecing the taxpayers to payoff their mortgages. What a deal for us! 

I could wax lyrical, but I'll let CNBC reporter Rick Santelli do it for me.  What a hoot - I especially liked, "The government is promoting bad behavior... do we really want to subsidize the losers' mortgages?" Barack Obama does because it's how he used to getting votes - buying them with taxpayer money. Too bad for you suckers who are actually paying off your mortgages - you get to pay for Obama's pals too.