Friday, February 24, 2006

Geeks Gone Wild!

Sample Femfox wallpaper for Firefox

Pulse are pounding in Geekdom due to the wallpaper being offered at Femfox in an unofficial advertising campaign supporting the Firefox browser. The one I have posted above is the Most Safe for Work (MSFW) - your mileage may vary. Backstory:
This project has been initiated by a 31 years-old woman who is the model of this campaign (see the "About us" section). Her primary wish was to create a novel and unusual promotional campaign for Firefox.

The plan to use glamorous content quickly stood up because this kind of promotion is very unusual (and even unrealistic) in software or technological product marketing activities. Indeed, an important part of the communication made around Firefox is only focused on technical features and benefits of using this software. Even if these points are clearly and simply explained to the audience, this can not attract a number of people.

This leads us to imagine a "human" campaign in which the technological aspects will be deliberately concealed for the benefit of the picture. This campaign should show scenes of life focused on human feelings and emotions in the aim to demonstrate that the software, before being a technological product, could be a part of everyone's everyday life.
"Everyday life" is apparently running about with very few clothes on. That would seem to me to either be drafty or make Firefox superfluous, but whatever - there's more text and pictures by following the links.

Monday, February 20, 2006

Today's Web Review

Head on over to Rodger's place and check out this week's episode of You Are A F***ing Moron by ZipperFish. I like the part where it is suggested that the NY Times fit out all their female employees with burqas. Maureen Dowd first, please! The language makes it Not Safe for Work, but I give it 5 Mohammeds. Roger Ebert, eat your heart out.

Mohammed Mohammed Mohammed Mohammed Mohammed

Is it time for reruns already?

Must be a slow day at the AP:
Osama bin Laden vowed never to be captured alive...
OK by me, gobshite.
...and said the U.S. military had become as "barbaric" as Saddam Hussein in an audiotape reposted on a militant Islamic Web site after first being broadcast last month.
Sheesh, it's another rerun.

Speaking of reruns, Drudge reports that the mainstream media is planning another week of Cheney shooting coverage. That's OK by me too as long as the VP promises to wing a few reporters next season.

This just in - Hugo Chavez says he's not gay!

Hugo Chavez once again says he's not gay!

Everyone's favorite macho nacho man, Hugo Chavez, had another hissy fit yesterday:
Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez launched a new verbal attack against US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, bluntly warning her "don't mess with me, girl."
He promised a nasty slap fight if there was any more dissing of his fashion sense.

Sunday, February 19, 2006

Today's Hoot!

Mark Steyn uses his Sunday Chicago Sun Times column to apply the clue bat to some truly deserving candidates:
In an otherwise grim week -- at least on unimportant peripheral matters like Iranian nukes -- three things cheered me up. The first was the decision of Iran's bakers to rename Danish pastries "Roses of the Prophet Muhammed pastries.'' Has a ring to it, don't you think? If they're looking for a slogan, how about "Iranian pastry: There's nothing flakier. Except our president."
Ole Mahmoud Ahmadinejad always looks to me like his family tree doesn't branch, but there are some folks even more inbred:
Fortunately, the Washington Post had that wise old bird David Ignatius to put it in the proper historical context: "This incident," he mused, "reminds me a bit of Sen. Edward Kennedy's delay in informing Massachusetts authorities about his role in the fatal automobile accident at Chappaquiddick in 1969."

Hmm. Let's see. On the one hand, the guy leaves the gal at the bottom of the river struggling for breath pressed up against the window in some small air pocket while he pulls himself out of the briny, staggers home, sleeps it off and saunters in to inform the cops the following day that, oh yeah, there was some broad down there. And, on the other hand, the guy calls 911, has the other fellow taken to the hospital, lets the sheriff know promptly but neglects to fax David Gregory's make-up girl!
What do these folks think when they see themselves in the mirror in the morning?