Friday, September 24, 2010

Yet another reason to have contempt for this Democrat-run Congress

House Democrats are always good for a laugh if you like sick humor. but today they topped themselves by bringing in professional buffoon Stephen Colbert to do his comedy routine in a committee hearing:

Personally, I completely agree with Glenn Reynolds that  having this idiot Colbert testify was nothing more than a Democrat stunt to take the media’s eye off the very real and important testimony also taking place today regarding the Justice Department’s racism scandals. So the more cringe-worthy and embarrassing Colbert’s appearance is, the better. Naturally, the MSM will be all too willing to play along. They fully understand how damaging the DOJ Black Panther case is to the Obama Administration and have no desire to come anywhere near covering it.

And of course, there’s Stephen Colbert, just as willing to play along — a narcissistic attention whore with no respect for the political process who thinks his schtick combined with a ten hour day he spent in the vegetable fields somehow makes him a compelling and important witness.

I liked the part where he wanted to enter images from his colonoscopy into the Congressional record. That's something a lot of Democrats can really get into.