Monday, September 11, 2006

Never forget, never forgive

Have you forgotten 9/11?

And we also haven't forgotten the bizarre collection of spineless loons who not only have forgotten, but who are actively counseling surrender.

Spineless Ned Lamont remembers 9/11

(Hat tip: Registered)

But for all the talking hairdos like Ned Lamont, there's the coterie of pondscum behind him that are perpetually enthusiastic about dishonoring the victims of Islamofascist terrorism. Here's a brief rogue's gallery, but we all know who they are. They only question is how they can look at themselves in the mirror.

Ned Lamont and his friends

Kerry and Edwards - if they only had a brain

Jimmy Carter, lying fool

Ted Kennedy, crazed lush

Crooked John Murtha

Patty Murray, Burka Babe

Baghdad Jim McDermott

Dick Durbin, or is it Turban?

I'm beginning to notice a pattern, aren't you? Remember it on election day.