Friday, January 16, 2004

Today's Hoot!

Masters of Deception
It was snowing and the temperature was headed toward single digits when I left the hotel on Park Avenue Wednesday night. A doorman flagged a cab and I climbed in. I'd just finished an interview with Al Gore and it was hard to shake the melancholy feeling that the man who should be president was spending a stormy night in Midtown Manhattan while the momentous world events he should be shaping were careering in all sorts of dangerous directions.
WTF! How did that idiot Bob Herbert sneak in here? Although he is pretty funny in a sick sort of way.

Anyhow, here's today's hoot from poster JohnHuang2 on FR - Carol -- you've come a long way, baby!
Carol Moseley Braun called it quits Thursday, ending her sensation-packed White House bid, despite stratospheric poll numbers (down only slightly from their mid-summer peak of 2 percent -- did she peak too soon?) and huge, adoring crowds at rousing campaign events. (A typical Moseley-Braun rally would be 'standing-room-only' -- no matter in which phone booth it was held). Whether you agree with her or not, the truly amazing thing about her candidacy is how it seemingly came right out of nowhere and, in only a few short months, ended up nowhere. From Illinois Senator to ousted Illinois Senator, to failed presidential candidate, you've come a long way, baby! Seriously, you don't often see inspiring rags-to-riches-and-back-to-rags stories like this anymore. Moseley Braun knocks down barriers then barriers knock down Moseley Braun. She made history then became history! If only it happened to more Democrats.

Now that she's bowed out, giving her coveted support to Howard Dean, I would suggest she promptly put an end to this silly nonsense that there are no blacks in Vermont by moving to Vermont. (That's not entirely fair, I know. I bet Dean's meeting with her Thursday brought back childhood memories -- like when he last met a black person).

Kidding aside, so few have been Dean's contacts with people of color, he probably thought to dub Moseley Braun's announcement an 'Interracial endorsement.' (Dean insisted the endorsement be held in Iowa, uncertain if a clause in Vermont's constitution prohibited this sort of thing).
The Braun endorsement cements Dean's enviable status as the candidate racking up the most endorsements from losers. (Well, not quite. Democrats say Al Gore won in 2000; indeed, he's getting set to deliver his 4th State of the Union Address, fresh on the heels of his global warming address in New York, noting how the bone-chilling weather gripping New York is only the tip of the painfully cold global warming iceberg; unless we reverse course, elect a Democrat, and stop all this global warming, we're all gonna freeze to death. Buttressing Gore's assertion, Philadelphia, feeling the brunt of global warming, was blanketed with 4 inches of global warming Thursday).
I broke out my Bermudas for global warming and nearly froze my friskies off!

Maybe I should sell T-shirts?