Thursday, January 15, 2004

Is Deano Imploding?

I miss all the good stuff! Wife-Abuse Stunner (with a swell snap of Howie):
Democrat Howard Dean last night faced a charge of intervening to help a wife abuser in a child-custody case, as polls showed his lead collapsing in both Iowa and New Hampshire.
I mentioned the poll results in Iowa below, but all I had heard was Howie (aka the ranting angry guy) claiming the President needed psychotherapy - Dean: Bush obsessed with father's failure: Recommends psychotherapy, suggests Iraq war motivated by revenge.

More on the implosion theme in New Hampshire from John DiStaso at the Union Leader who also has this surprise:
Secretary of State Bill Gardner says those who have apparently been telling undeclared voters they can’t vote in the primary defeated their own purpose.

They were bound to run into someone who knew better and who would bring it up to a city or town clerk, or even to a pollster. The result: big publicity for the fact that undeclared voters can indeed vote.

Gardner says the result may be increased turnout by independents, though he’s not ready to release his traditional turnout prediction.
I didn't know that NH had a open (for independents at least) primary. Who would a fun-loving independent choose?