Saturday, June 28, 2003

Ruh Oh!
Tony Paterson in the Telegraph alerts us that German crows attack joggers and pensioners:
It is a terrifying scene which could have been lifted straight from Alfred Hitchcock's horror film, The Birds: vicious carrion crows have launched a series of unprovoked attacks on joggers and pensioners in German parks.
No this isn't just wacky news. There's a point:
Wolfgang Poggendorf, the director of Hamburg's Animal Protection Society, blamed the attacks on crow overcrowding. The city's crow population is now estimated at 8,000 and rising. Officials such as Volker Dumann, a spokesman for Hamburg's Environment Office, said there was little his authority could do because EU legislation permitted the shooting of crows only under exceptional circumstances. "The EU guidelines only allow crows to be shot if they pose a serious threat to citizens' well being," he said. "For that to happen, the number of attacks would have to increase rapidly."

Hamburg's citizens have been advised to avoid nesting sites and to carry umbrellas as shields.
The EU has crow regulations! Hey, why not? They have regulations for everything.