Monday, June 23, 2003

I'm so excited!
Dear MoveOn member,

Just a quick reminder: Voting begins in the MoveOn Presidential Primary on June 24. Keep an eye on your inbox for your special email ballot. Please get others involved -- forward this message to your friends. If they are not already on the MoveOn mailing list, they will have to register to vote in the primary here:
I see that some of the scamps over at Free Republic have signed up with multiple email addresses. Not wanting to be mistaken for a Democrat, I have abjured such hijinks. But I'm still undecided - which wingnut should get my vote, er, hear my voice?

UPDATE: It occurs to me I'm going about this all wrong. If I would get off my high horse, I could make some crimp cut green leaf on this deal! I mean this is a Democrat "primary" after all. So, what am I bid for my vote? No typical ward heeler rewards like a pack of smokes (even at Mayor Bloomberg prices) - I want significant sums. And if the price is right, my voice could be heard numerous times! Howie, Richard, Al, even the guy from the Munsters - how about it?