Thursday, June 26, 2003

Gawd, it's the ecoweenies again
Allison Gatlin in the Antelope Valley Press tells us Predators may make lair at Edwards:
EDWARDS AFB - This base could become home to as many as 50 Predator unmanned aerial vehicles and nearly 1,000 support personnel as the Air Force begins investigating new bases for the aircraft.
Ok, that's cool. But check the punchline:
The service is in the beginning stages of preparing an environmental assessment for basing the unmanned aircraft at Edwards or Holloman AFB, N.M.

"The Air Force wants to be able to present to the public the potential environmental impacts at either location," said Capt. Wes Ticer, spokesman for Air Combat Command. "The Air Force needs to make an informed decision."
No timeline has been established yet for the basing.

"This process is just beginning," Ticer said.

The Air Force is seeking public input in preparing the environmental assessment, tentatively scheduled for completion in the winter.

Deadline for public input is July 31.
The environmental assessment will be done this winter. Geez, you'd think there was a war on!