Wednesday, June 25, 2003

Geezer Alert!
Pill 'may raise average life expectancy by 45 years':
A pill which scientists claim could increase average life expectancy to 120 years is to be tested in Scotland.

Steve Parkinson, the Scottish-born president of US pharmaceutical giants CereMedix, revealed the drug is set to be trialled there.

Its creators say the drug will slow down the signs of ageing by repairing and restoring the body's natural defences, reports the Daily Record.
The new pill contains the protein ependymin, which is produced by the brain and stimulates the body into making its own disease-fighting antioxidants.

These are found in fruit and vegetables, and researchers claim the new pill has the equivalent effect of eating 30lbs of fruit and vegetables every day.
Hopefully not 30 lbs of prunes.