Thursday, November 04, 2004

Today Show Mourning Alert!

Some of the folks on FreeRepublic share my fascination with perky Katie Couric, her flying monkey, Matt Lauer, and the rest of the characters on the Today Show. She's the network answer to "evil right-wing talk radio", I guess, and she's so darn perky!

Anyhow the Freepers love to document each show and noted on Tuesday that besides drumming up support for the Democrats,
Let's close on a Couric fashion-watch note. Katie was dressed in a very neutral beige. Let's hope she has the black number back from the cleaners for tomorrow!
Lo and behold on Wednesday, black was exactly what she and Matt were wearing (see above) as they tried a brief "Fight team, fight" cheer before descending into "What went wrong?" Notice that it's not "What went right for the President."

Well, it's hard to keep a spunky lass down and today (while still dressed in black) she was in a fighting mood. There was a problem though:
If there's one place where Democrats know they'll receive a warm reception, it's The Today Show. So take it as a sign of the depths of Dem depression that Katie Couric had to admit this morning that "with Dems licking their wounds" it was difficult for the show to find a Dem willing to come on!

You'd think that it would have been a cinch to find a leading Republican insider to talk about W's plans for the second term. So who did Today choose? Gillepsie, Frist, Hastert, maybe even Cheney? Nope, they went to a guy firmly on the outside, Today's favorite Republican, John McCain.
Even that didn't work out that well:
McCain took a huge swipe at Kerry's notoriouly lackluster record as a Senator. "Speaking personally, If you work at it you can really enhance your effectiveness in the Senate," advised McCain!
Bwahaha! More typical Katie hijinks by following the link, but look who else showed up!
At the beginning of the second half-hour, Evan Thomas of Newsweek appeared to tout a special Newsweek edition telling the inside story from the campaign. By far the most interesting comments were his absolute massacring of Teresa Heinz Kerry. I couldn't type fast enough to keep up, but among his blasts at her:

"A negative for the campaign, a bad campaigner, all about her, very demanding, a drag on her husband."
Since he also was flogging the same stuff this morning on the Imus show (previous post), I guess the long knives are out for the Empress. Ouch! Catch Newsweek at the checkout next to the Enquirer!