Friday, November 05, 2004

Fun with Moonbats (a neverending story)

Krugman - the loudest bark of all the moonbats

Donald Luskin at NRO:
On Election Day, Paul Krugman was all choked up. Now, he’s just choking. And I won’t kid you — I’m loving it.
How easy it was for him to get all misty-eyed and magnanimous, and wish for nothing more than a clean election, when he thought that it was his candidate who would benefit from a large voter turnout. But his predictions for Tuesday proved to have been as absurdly wrong as near everything else he has written in his Times column over the last four years.
For all of us who have been wondering what a defeated Krugman would do if Bush were reelected, now we know: Like Scarlet O’Hara, he’s retiring to the fainting sofa:
I’ll be starting a long-planned break next week, to work on an economics textbook. I’ll be back in January.
I didn’t think my joy Tuesday night could be made any more complete, but it has been. Just think — two months of Krugman-free Tuesdays and Fridays. Oh, by the way, I hereby volunteer to proof-read Krugman’s textbook before it is published. He’s been known to make mistakes, and I’ve been known to catch them.
More hilarity at the expense of the usual suspects by following the link.