Thursday, November 04, 2004

Biscuits and gravy

(Via Hoystory) For Sale on eBay - Michael Moore's Relevance:
After the Kerry/Edwards election failure tuesday, Michael Moore's relevance is one of the rarest items available on E-Bay today. This auction is for whatever relevance Mr. Moore has seven days from now. I do not anticipate there will be much left, but there just might be enough to give to the highest bidder. I am positive that once his relevance is gone seven days from now there will be no more to be found anywhere, at any price.
Q: Do we get the entire Michael Moore? And if so, how much will shipping be.. I'd imagine quite alot because of the weight of the package.

A: The entire Michael Moore would cost way too much to ship. I am selling his relevance because it is the 2nd smallest part of him....
(Via Captain's Quarters) CNN's Netscape Network Election 2004 page has more news than it intends. It provides a photo with the URL Guess who's in the photo? The link still works as of 6:18 EST today, but they now have a renamed version appearing in the page.

Ace has the two obligatory liberal media stories which always get trotted out after a Republican victory. They're so predictable, it's comedic.

Don't miss the Little Green Football's features: Gloat Watch and Choice Moonbat Quotes.

Iowahawk provides grief counseling: Let the healing begin

A sad but uplifting letter from MoveOn as reported by Claire at SondraK's place.

This lady definitely drank the Kool-Aid