Sunday, October 31, 2004

Man of the People Alert!

David Frum:
I arrived home late last night after a day in Miami doing a panel for BBC’s “Question Time” with Sidney Blumenthal, a Miami area lawyer who specializes in voting issues, the British columnist and TV personality Richard Littlejohn, and the notorious Michael Moore.

Moore arrived late in his trademark jeans, shirt, working man’s jacket, and baseball cap. One of the BBC producers made a joke about the contrast between his outfit and my own Washington-standard-issue blue suit and red tie. I replied that I’d noticed that Moore was wearing a watch that cost at least fifteen times as much as every article of clothing on my body. I learned later that he’d arrived by private jet. Ave et salute, tribune of the plebs!
Being a "Man of the People" must pay well!
The debate was lively, but I must credit Richard Littlejohn with the best line of the afternoon. Littlejohn is an amazing life force: Probably Britain’s best-read political columnist, absolutely savagely fearless in debate, and a passionate supporter of George W. Bush and the Anglo-American relationship. Anyway, he got off the best line of the evening: He called Michael Moore the “Lord Haw-Haw of the war on terror.”

Or maybe it's being a traitor that pays well.

(Photo credit: unknown)