Sunday, January 25, 2004

The sound of shoes dropping

You've seen the big media whining about the revelation of files from the Donk members of the Senate Judiciary Committee. But what about the contents that demonstrated they were the sock puppets of special groups? I mentioned previously that Elaine Jones, head of the NAACP Legal Defense Fund was in a rather difficult position since she was apparently trying to affect the outcome of a legal case. Well Elaine apparently decided it was a good time to take it on the lam, er, retire:
A grievance against Jones was filed with the State Bar of Virginia by a number of groups, including the Coalition for a Fair Judiciary and Project 21. The complaint charged that Jones "violated both the spirit and letter of the Virginia Rules of Professional Conduct when she intentionally acted to influence and disrupt an impartial tribunal that was then in the deliberative process of considering a landmark constitutional case in which she was counsel to one of the parties."

Project 21 member Mychal Massie said, "It is impossible to avoid the conclusion that Elaine Jones cast herself on her sword in light of the ethics complaint against her."

Massie added that despite Jones' resignation, A full investigation is needed to "expose the behind-the-scenes dishonesty and corruption that is so apparent in the Senate Judiciary Committee's past."

Jones told the New York Times that it was the University of Michigan Law School decision that upheld the use of race in admissions policies that finally freed her to make the decision to step down.
In a manner of speaking.
Danielle Lewis, a spokesperson for Jones, told Talon News that the announcement of her retirement has nothing to do with the complaint filed against her.
Yeah, sure. Buh bye!

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