Monday, January 26, 2004

On the campaign trail

Slate's Chris Suellentrop attends a Donkfest in NH. Best laugh:
Of the other candidates, Wesley Clark comes across the worst. "I haven't been a member of this party for very long," he says, and the crowd grumbles. "I know," shouts one man, while another calls out, "No shit!"
Bwahaha! I wonder if Brit Hume was there?
Now that Dean has turned down his volume, Clark is the race's screamer, and he sounds a little unhinged.
No shit!
"We Democrats have got to take out that president," he says, in an unfortunate turn of phrase for one of the two candidates that has actually killed people. The crowd's applause is polite but tepid, and the race feels like it's slipping away from Clark, too.
And then they can send weird Uncle Weasley back to his closet.