Wednesday, January 28, 2004

Leftoid Punks Alert!

Teens arrested for smashing 'decadent' SUVs
A former Cy-Fair High School student serving five years' probation for felony arson in a flag-burning case headed a group of self-described environmental guerrillas who vandalized almost 50 sport utility vehicles, officials said Tuesday.

Precinct 4 deputy constables said the group, led by Randall W. Heinrichs, 18, smashed windows and slashed tires on SUVs in north Harris County from October through December.

Investigators said the vandals used bats embedded with nails to smash windows and cut tires and sprayed graffiti, including Nazi swastikas, on the vehicles.

Four teenagers have been charged with criminal mischief.
Criminal mischief? Is that the best they could do? (There is apparently a felony criminal mischief statute in Texas.)
Heinrichs, placed on deferred adjudication last year after pleading guilty in the arson case, has a "personal hatred" for SUVs, said Precinct 4 Capt. Rick Brass. "He talks about how they are environmentally unfriendly (and) decadent," he said.

Heinrichs, of Houston, was arrested Jan. 9 and is held in Harris County Jail without bail because of his arson probation.
This lad's nicely delusional, but I guess he just discovered how "probation" works. The flags he burned belonged to other people including one that had been draped on the coffin of a deceased veteran.

Amongst the other frisky tykes was one of the female persuasion named Lindsey Garofano, age 18.
Garofano told deputies she particularly resented "arrogant ladies" who drive expensive SUVs instead of buying more economical cars and donating the surplus money to charity.
Looks like a dead heat for the wingnut prize.