Wednesday, January 28, 2004

A million barrels here, a million barrels there...

MEMRI translates The Beneficiaries of Saddam's Oil Vouchers: The List of 270.

UPDATE: There were no Australians on Saddam's list of pals. Now we know why.
Ahmed: But how we buy influence in serious broadsheet press and influence popular opinion? (starts laughing) You think Aussies defend Glorious Bloodsoaked Leader without being paid? (lowers voice and looks over shoulder) How stupid you think these people are!

Tariq: Pretty stupid -- and cheap dates too. Any rubbish in brown paper bag does for them. Look here (holds up list of potential graft recipients). Margo Kingston? We give her sit-down-outside dribble seat for to save planet, and also anti-gravity machine.

Ahmed: Anne Summers?

Tariq: She got anti-gravity machine already. It called broom.