Friday, January 30, 2004

It's that SPECTRE guy again!

Blofeld's doing a book tour and pontificating - Soros prepared to dig deep to oust Bush:
The 2004 US presidential election will be a referendum on the Bush doctrine of preemptive military action, George Soros, the financier and philanthropist declared today.

But getting rid of Mr Bush is not enough, Mr Soros argued, saying that the US needs an alternative vision. The man who famously who made a fortune betting against the pound in the late 80s, said America had "gone off the rails" after September 11 and that it was important to "puncture the bubble of American supremacy."
It's nice to know that Number 1 is thinking of us!

But he seems a little loose with SPECTRE secrets:
In London to promote his latest book, The Bubble of American Surpremacy - a tirade against the Bush administration - Mr Soros told a packed auditorium at the London School of Economics that he was prepared to use some of his vast fortune to turf Mr Bush out of the White House.
Pointing out that Open Society, the foundation he created to promote democracy around the world has $450m (£248.4m) in assets, Mr Soros said he was prepared to commit about $12.5m to "political action" against Mr Bush. In fact, Mr Soros told the Washington Post in January that he has donated $15.5m to groups dedicated to prising Mr Bush out of the Oval Office.
Maybe it's because he has other worries - Paris court postpones Soros appeal.

George, go hump someone else's leg.