Monday, November 17, 2003

What a hootenanny!

Kevin at hit the big Donk shindig in Iowa:
Now, it was time for the big show. After dispensing with the formalities, including the Governor leading the crowd in The Pledge of Allegiance, in which he left “under God” in (boy that really got the lefty crowd out of sync), it was time to introduce the guests of honor. One by one the dwarfs came down the aisle to cheers and handshakes. Then it came time for Howard Dean to make his entrance. Of course Dean wouldn’t be outdone. Rather than walk the aisle, Dean was in the crowd, in the upper deck, shaking hands and waving. Once again, Dean appeared as the outsider and upstaged everyone. After Howard was some former Ambassador who is apparently running for the nomination as well.

Then, the moment that everyone had been waiting for, Hillary. Making her entrance to U2’s Beautiful Day (Who Let the Dogs Out would’ve been more appropriate), she strode to the podium and let loose with the most annoying screechy voice I’ve ever heard. TV just doesn't convey what it sounds like in person. Dogs several counties away were howling in pain. Also, it seems as though Hillary isn’t aware that you don’t have to scream when you have a microphone.
Much more by following the link.