Sunday, November 16, 2003

Prolonged Whine-a-thon Alert!

Some Chicago Tribune reporters have coughed up a new entry in the Illegal Alien Angst category:
ISLAMABAD, Pakistan -- The 75 passengers on the Icelandair jet sat strapped to their seats, cloth bands cinching their arms to their waists for all but the final descent of the three-leg, 20-hour flight.

Struggling to feed themselves, they spilled rice and meat onto the floor of the cabin. A trip to the bathroom required the escort of a federal agent.

After the plane screeched to a halt in the sweltering July heat, U.S. officials herded the men off the jet and onto the soil of their native Pakistan. The purpose of the flight: deportation. Why them? Their nationality.
Sounds like the average plane trip in economy class.

I'll save you the time to read the article: lots of "good hearted" illegal aliens are kicked out of the USA every year and since 9/11, the number from Islamic countries has increased. Some people in Islamic countries are grumpy.

You can follow the link for more bathos, but here's the nut:
In fact, while three of the Sept. 11 hijackers had overstayed their visas, a sweeping, bipartisan congressional probe later cited shoddy intelligence work, not poor immigration enforcement, as being at the root of the nation's vulnerability that day.
While that conveniently obscures the incredibly slipshod nature of the USA's legal "immigration programs" (student visa anyone?), how does it imply that immigration laws shouldn't be enforced?

Exactly what part of "illegal alien" don't they understand?