Tuesday, November 18, 2003

Memos, we've got memos!

First a memo surfaces that reveals how the Donks on the Senate Intelligence Committee are playing politics with Iraqi intelligence information. The Donks are outraged that their "clever plan" was revealed, but won't disavow it.

Then we find out that there's a memo that lays out the connections between Osama and Saddam and which is known to all the usual Donk suspects, who blithely ignore it as they rant on. That doesn't make the front page, but now we get to hear all about the big investigation to find out who spilled the beans.

Then some memos turn up that reveal that the Donks are merely sock puppets for a motley collection of pressure groups when it comes to minority judicial nominees. Not to worry - Sen. Dick Durbin has got the posse all saddled up and ready to ride to find out who turned them in.

Can you say pond scum? I knew you could!