Sunday, November 16, 2003

It's Wing Nut Marching Time, Kids!

I guess I missed the big hoedown in Paris:
Tens of thousands of opponents of war, discrimination and corporate greed from more than 60 countries paraded through Paris Saturday in a show of grassroots force to Europe's power elite.

Winding up a four-day European Social Forum that drew some 50,000 participants and more than 200 organizations, according to organizers, the marchers blew whistles, sang and played music under the banner of "For a Europe of rights in a war-free world".
Woo hoo!

But they'll be out in force in London for the visit of President Bush. Andrew Sullivan:
It's lockdown time in London. The anti-war left, who let the visits of Mugabe and Assad pass without much protest, is galvanizing to bring the country to a standstill during Bush's visit. The BBC is in the vanguard of anti-Bush hysteria.
I knew there was a reason that NPR hired the BBC to provide news on our "public" radio stations.

But as it's November, our hopes for naked protestors will likely be dashed. Here are some partial substitutes:

Naked sushi kicks up stink in US northwest
SEATTLE, Washington (AFP) - A US restaurant that boasts a house special of sushi served on a naked woman has sparked furious protests by Asian women's groups, but eager diners are jostling for seats.
Dozens Sign Up To Strip Naked And Sing
Call it freedom of expression, or just the booze talking, but so far, dozens of patrons have signed up to sing nude at a karaoke event proposed by a local bar.

"Seventy five and counting," Berlin Station Café regular James Blackey said Friday night as he watched a woman become the 75th person to sign up for the nude songfest.