Wednesday, November 19, 2003

Trouble in Donk paradise alert!

Gainful employment beckons, so I don't have time for a rant about the AARP, socialized medicine, cross border drug pricing, and yadda yadda. But I have to laugh at Candidates chastise AARP for backing Medicare reform:
BEDFORD — Five would-be Presidential nominees, including Howard Dean, opened an AARP pre-primary event at the Wayfarer Inn yesterday by chastising the 35 million-member (210,000 in New Hampshire) group’s leadership for backing a GOP Medicare prescription drug bill.

Many in the crowd of nearly 1,000 didn’t like it, either. They booed when the moderator announced the AARP, a national advocacy group for people 50 and older, will spend $7 million to support the bill, including a television ad that calls the plan imperfect but “a good first step.”
So why are their panties in a knot? Take it away, Dickie Gephardt:
“This is a bad bill. It’s a Republican bill. Therefore, it’s a bad bill,” said Missouri Rep. Richard Gephardt.
There's an incisive analysis! To be fair, Joe Lieberman was the voice of relative sanity, as usual:
Connecticut Sen. Joseph Lieberman refused to criticize the bill or the AARP. “Too soon to say,” he said. “The fact is it will provide 10 million senior citizens, more than 80,000 in New Hampshire, who don’t have any prescription assistance, with those benefits. I’m not going to give a knee-jerk, reflex reaction and say, ‘no way.’”
Joe's clearly not with the Donk program.

Much more whining from the rest of the dwarves by following the link, but the best part was when Howie Dean said "Let's play doctor!".