Saturday, November 22, 2003

And the party's just getting started

The media and the Donk candidates have their panties tightly knotted now that the Republican National Committee has started firing back. Helen Kennedy at the NY Daily News delivers Dem fury over GOP attack ad:
WASHINGTON - The 2004 battle for the White House was joined yesterday when the GOP opened fire on Democrats with an ad calling them terrorist lovers.
Good start, Helen! Your future in Big Media is secure.
After months of Democratic attacks on President Bush's decision to attack Iraq, the Republican National Committee decided to fight back.

"Some are now attacking the President for attacking the terrorists," the GOP ad says over pictures of Bush speaking soberly about global threats at his last State of the Union address.

The ad - a taste of the national security battle that will help decide the election - made the Democratic candidates crazy.
Most were crazy long before that. Check out the reaction from General Jack D. Ripper (ret) from Burpelson Air Force Base:
"We're not concerned because he's attacking terrorists - we're concerned that he's not!" retired Gen. Wesley Clark told reporters. "He promised us Osama Bin Laden dead or alive. We have neither." Like most of the Democratic candidates, Clark argued Al Qaeda should have been the key target, not Iraq.

"The party that stole the election in 2000 now wants to steal patriotism from us," he added.
He's still oblivious to the international brotherhood of Islamofascists and all the connections between al Qaeda and the Saddamites. But at least there was no mention of "precious bodily fluids".

However, some of the candidates kept their eye on the ball:
Campaign aides of former Vermont Gov. Howard Dean, noting that every time their candidate is attacked his supporters send more money, turned it into a fund-raising tool.

"Our goal is to raise $360,000 by Tuesday - $5,000 for every hour they are going to lie to the American people with their ad," Dean campaign manager Joe Trippi said.
Woohoo! Ernst Blofeld already gave at the office!

Shall we dance?